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Fabrics Wholesale

Our Company

Our company operates in its field wholesale fabric sales, fabric stock, thread stock and regenerated fabrics and threads. Additional activities are collection and management of textile products and by-products. Its opening took place in 1982 in Thessaloniki.

Our long experience, the integrated solutions, the immediate service and above all the afordable prices we are rightly placed at the top of your preferences.

Our company's activities extend beyond wholesale fabrics consistently and responsibly since 1983 and in other areas such as cleaning cloths of all qualities serving the needs of every business.

Except of the cleaning cloths we also produce cleaning pad white and colored from first quality materials.

In a short time our company conquered it recognition in her industry and one ever-increasing share of the market.

It is our pleasure to serve you wherever you are Thessaloniki, Athens or anywhere else in Greece.



Stock Fabrics

Regenerated fabrics

Fixed fabrics (loom) of new production

Cleaning cloths - tows

Regenerated Yarns

Stock yarns

Fabric cutting and textile by-products.

Recycling (destruction) of clothes and fabrics

Recycling clothes

Υποπροϊόντα κοπής υφασμάτων κλωστοϋφαντουργίας

Fabrics Wholesale

You can get from our company fabrics by the kilo έαν πρόκειται για μεγάλες ποσότητες χονδρικής.


New Branch in Athens

November 15th, 2022|Categories: Υφάσματα|

Stoupia Pania Athens Responding to the growing demand for our products we opened a new branch in Athens, aiming to serve even more customers, even better! If you're based in Athens now it's easier than ever to source burlap - cleaning cloths, wholesale fabrics, stock fabrics and more!

Stupi – More than just a cleaning cloth!

November 15th, 2022|Categories: Υφάσματα|

The pads are suitable for all industrial sectors and are ideal for cleaning and maintaining production machinery and tools. The cleaning pads are very durable and completely absorb oils and greases. At Simoni Vera each mug is of high quality, made from pure recycled materials. They do not contain foreign bodies and are suitable for

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A wide variety of fabrics by the kilo for wholesale or buy a roll of fabric not by the meter
MELINA SID, Costumer
Gavala Apostolia, Costumer


Contact us to discuss your special needs to suggest the purchase of the product that suits you perfectly.

We also have the ability to produce products perfectly tailored to your needs, gaining both efficiency and economy.

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